See also student class projects for examples of work students have done in my classes.

Architectural Design Studio: Digital Design Build

Explores the near-term future of architecture, where buildings will embed computational capabilities.

Architectural Design Studio: Home 2020

Design-build studio investigating the integration of computing into the home.

Architectural Design Studio: Mapping the Terrain

Architectural design studio : drop-city artist housing

Architectural Robotics

Prototyping responsive buildings.

Computer Graphics Programming for Design

Computer graphics programming in Java

Computing Technology for Sport & Play

research, design, develop, debug, and demonstrate a computing technology for a sport or play

Design of Virtual Environments

Explore technical issues in the design and construction of on-line environment; consider societal issues in this realm of social and civic interaction.

Design Theory & Methods

Seminar surveying design methods literature.

Design Thinking Seminar

Examines the notion of “design thinking”, which has become a commonly used term in business, engineering, industrial and product design, and architecture.

Digital Craft Workshop

Explore creative, whimsical, elegant, clever, innovative, ways of employing computer aided manufacturing in design

Digital Design Studio – themes & variations, rules & flexibility, structure & inhabitation

Architecture studio focused on exploring design systems.

Digital Fabrication

Making things with laser-cutting, folding, and assembling flat materials; molding and casting plastic resins, mechanical movement, fabric and tensile structures, and embedded electronics.

Introduction to Digital Media

Computer applications in the context of daily life as well as in the practice of design.

Making Furniture Interactive

Embed light, sound, touch, motion, etc. into everyday furniture and program interactive behavior with a microcontroller.

Making Things Interact

Physical Computing projects course

Physical Computing

participants work in small teams with electronics, programming, and traditional and novel materials, to design, implement, and demonstrate possibilities of integrating technology with physical stuff.

Readings in Tangible Interaction

Reading seminar on topics in tangible interaction.

Research Practice

Practical aspects of how to conduct research.

Skill Swap Studio

Participants exchange knowledge and skills.

Software Design Studio (Object-Oriented CAD Development)

Software prototyping.

Strategies for Research in Design

Design research seminar

Tangible Interaction Design Studio

Design-build studio for tangible interaction.

Theory for Design Computing

Examines the theory of design practice from various viewpoints, recognizing the relationship between design theory and computational tools for practice.

Things That Think

physical computing projects class with Mike Eisenberg