Skill Swap Studio

Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2012

This Spring 2012 semester, participants in the Tangible Interaction Design Studio (offered at  Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture)  will exchange knowledge and skills.  Each participant will offer one tutorial on a topic in which she or he is an expert, and which other participants wish to learn.   For example, the topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • working with shape-memory-alloy wire and responsive materials
  • reading and interpreting data from the Kinnect
  • programming sound using Max/MSP and pD
  • electronics beyond the basic sensor/actuator setup (e.g. op-amps, shift-registers, …)
  • 3D modeling in Solidworks for fabrication
  • wireless communication using Zigbee and/or Bluetooth
  • materials and manufacture using molding and casting.
  • effective use of video in documenting

Each week one participant will prepare and teach a workshop during the studio meeting time, including instructional materials on the studio blog. During the following week, all studio participants, working individually or in small groups, develop a one-week project using the knowledge and skills taught in the workshop.  Grading is based on class participation, including successful execution of weekly projects and leading a workshop.