Digital Craft Workshop

University of Washington Seattle, Fall 2002, Winter 2004

Experiment with CAD/CAM using the laser cutter. Early adopters & intrepid explorers sought to explore creative, whimsical, elegant, clever, innovative, ways of employing computer aided manufacturing in design.  Pursue almost any sort of independent study from animation to programming in the context of a small seminar. Projects that encompass the crafting of environments and artifacts in both the physical and digital realms are especially welcome, from tangible to ubiquitous computing. During the quarter, share tips, tricks, the pain, and the joy of discovery with others.

Students enrolled in this course will be expected to develop and pursue a project using computing technology. Group projects will be considered where appropriate, but must make individual responsibilities clear. You will be expected to share your learning with the others in the course through a series of progress reports and a final presentation backed up by a paper, web site or other tangible product (as appropriate).”