Design Evaluator

Collaborators: Yeonjoo Oh, Ellen Yi-Luen Do


2004 Design Evaluator is a freehand drawing environment that provides designers with critical feedback on their sketches in various visual forms. The goal of these system-generated critiques is to help end users who draw and then reason about their drawings to solve design problems. Design Evaluator’s main features include a sketch interface, critiquing, and visualization of critiquing results. In an architectural application, the system interprets the floor plan and provides critiques of three types when it finds conflicts between the sketched floor plan and built-in rules; text message, annotated drawing and 3D model/walk-through.  A Web page layout application was also prototyped.

2004 Intelligent Critiquing of Design Sketches, Y. Oh, E. Y-L. Do, M. Gross, American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Fall Symposium Oct 22-24. [pdf]
2004 Design Evaluator, Critiquing Freehand Sketches, Y. Oh, E. Y-L. Do, M. Gross, in Proceedings on CD ROM, Generative Computer Aided Design Systems conference, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh July 11-14. [pdf]