Computer Aided Architectural Design

Collaborators: Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Gabi Goldschmidt, Brian R. Johnson, Earl Mark

Research on Computer Aided Architectural Design began in the 1960s and continues today.  What has been accomplished, and what has yet to be done?  Three articles, four years apart, look at the progress of CAAD,

2008 A Perspective on Computer Aided Design after Four Decades, Earl Mark, Gross, M.D., Goldschmidt, G. in 26th international conference on Education in Computer-Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe), Antwerp, Sept 17-20, 2008. pp. 169-178.[pdf]

2004 Between Worlds: Visions and View for the Future of CAD, Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross, in Generative CAD Systems, Edited by Ö. Akin, R. Krishnamurti, and K.P. Lam, pp. 61-78, Carnegie Mellon University (ISBN 0-9762941-0-9) [pdf]

2000 Beyond the Low-hanging Fruit: Information Technology in Architectural Design, Past, Present, and Future, Gross, M.D., Do, E.Y., and Johnson, B.R., Proc. ACSA Technology Conference 2000, Cambridge MA, pp. 100-106. [pdf]