Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Carnegie Mellon University (Computational Design Lab) 2004-2012

Charles Doomany graduated from CMU in May of 2011 with BFA in Industrial Design. His interests include product design, new material technologies, digital fabrication, and embedded interactivity. He is currently conducting research in the field of “smart” material systems- materials that alter their form and/or physical characteristics in response to environmental stimuli through the use of embedding sensing, actuation, and intelligence.

Luke Kambic

Andrew Viny

Greg Saul (visiting)

Tiago Rorke (visiting)

University of Washington Design Machine Group (1999-2004)

Nien-Tze Chen

University of Colorado Boulder Sundance Lab (1990-1999)

Joshua Beck

Ame Elliott

Kyle Kuczun

Jen Lewin

Laura Parker

Shane Rymer

Eric Schweikardt

Adrienne Warmack (Bassett)