Master Students

Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Tangible Interaction Design (2007-2012)

Cheng Xu was a Master’s student in Tangible Interaction Design and also holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University. She enjoys making things that engage users in playful and creative experiences.

Shawn Sims received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute and a Master of Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University’s Computational Design Lab. He is now Director of NOTlabs at NOTCOT Inc.

Eric Brockmeyer is a graduate architect and was a MTID student. His work focuses on integrating computational systems with materials at multiple scales. He teaches Introduction to Digital Media in CMU’s School of Architecture and assists other CoDe lab members.

Kuan-Ju Wu graduated from mTID program in 2011. His work includes kinetic art pieces and computationally enhanced toys. He now works at Tellart as a Design Engineer.

Zack Jacobson-Weaver  generally likes to believe that he can do anything. Some things don’t come as easily and in fact are damn difficult. Others he takes for granted. He is, nevertheless, inherently skeptical of any perceived limitation of human potential. While the need for specialization is clear, it shouldn’t preclude separation. Collaboration makes his work possible. “The only way to get there, is together” -the Oracle

Deren Guler is a graduate of the masters of Tangible Interaction Design program and has a background in Physics. She is interested in technology that uses interactive experiences to explore nature in a playful, educational, and creative way.
Huaishu Peng is a maker, programmer, researcher, and interaction designer. His current interests include tangible and ambient programming, ubiquitous computing, wearable computing and cooking. He is completing a PhD in Information Science at Cornell University.

Yen-Chia Hsu graduated from MTID in December 2012. His current interest is to analyze human behavior patterns and to apply human consciousness and intelligence on computer agents.

Ray Yun completed a PhD in Computational Design. His research focuses on ambient and affective user interface design.

Solomon Bisker is a graduate from Master of Tangible Interaction Design program. He currently works at Locu as a UX designer for next-generation online menu experiences.

J. Eric Townsend First graduate of MTID.

Mehrdad Ghods graduated as a Master of Science in Computational Design in 2011. He has a background in civil and architectural engineer. His current research is focused on physical computing, computational design and digital fabrication.

Rita Shewbridge is working towards a PhD in Human Centered Computing at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) where she works in the Bodies in Motion Lab with Dr. Helena Mentis.  Her general research interests are in Personal Health Informatics, and the design and use of  embedded systems for health and wellness.

Hironori Yoshida (visitor) was a visiting scholar at CoDe lab and worked at OMA later on. He is a craftsman in the digital era, using robots to fabricate interior and products. He is currently researching at CAAD, ETH in Zurich, focusing on digital crafting and its influence on modern society. His favorite phase is ” thinking by hand, learning by doing.”

Tobias Sonne was a visiting scholar from Aarhus University where he is enrolled at the ICT Product Development masters program. His current research is focused on pervasive computing and HCI.

Thomas Jung (visitor, CU Boulder, University of Washington) Thomas Jung est architecte DPLG diplômé de l’École d’Architecture de Nancy en 1999. Il est également titulaire d’un DEA en simulation des espaces bâtis et d’un DEUG en Mathématiques et Informatique. Après avoir travaillé comme chercheur à l’Université de Washington à Seattle (Etats-Unis) au département informatique appliqué à l’architecture il revient en France et crée le studio d’infographie 3D ULTIMAGE. En 2005, il crée ARCADE STUDIO avec Marc Peter et Sebastien Bund. Il est aujourd’hui directeur de l’agence strasbourgeoise.

University of Washington, Seattle (Design Machine Group) 1999-2004

Sebastien Bund (visitor)

Ken Camarata

Misun Chung

Mike Denlinger

Markus Eng

Dustin Eggink

Chen-Je Huang

Ariel Kemp

Doo-Young Kwon 

Eun Soo Lee

Ming-Chun Lee