Research: Writing


3 R’s Drawing and Design Computation

2004 A report on computational sketching software systems to support Recording, Reasoning, and Resolving in design.

Architectural Robotics

2012 ACM Interactions article on the inevitable embedding of robotics in built environments.

Computational Thinking and a Science of Design

2009 This article argues that a computationally expressed science of design is essential for benefiting from revolutions in desktop manufacturing and embedded computing.

Computer Aided Architectural Design

2000, 2008 Three papers on computer aided architectural design.

Design as Exploring Constraints

1984 PhD dissertation: Constraints are an appropriate computable representation for design knowledge.

Design Learning Environments

1999-2009 Six articles reflecting on experience teaching tangible interaction and computational design.

Design Theory & Method

1984 – 2009 Articles in favor of developing systematic methods of design.

Software Design

2003 – 2013 Miscellaneous notes on software design.

Tangible Interaction = Form + Computing

2010 ACM Interactions magazine cover story on tangible interaction design.

Thinking with Diagrams in Architectural Design

2001, 2009 A paper on the use of freehand diagrams in architectural design.

Visual Languages and Visual Thinking

2009 Sketch based software should recognize drawing as visual language. Keynote for Eurographics/ACM Symposium on Sketch Based Interaction and Modeling.