About Mark D Gross

MDG_02I’m director of the ATLAS Institute and professor of computer science at University of Colorado Boulder. I’m also co-founder of Modular Robotics Incorporated and Blank Slate Systems with former PhD students. Previously I was on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Washington Seattle; before that I worked at Atari Cambridge Research, Logo Computer Systems, Kurzweil Computer Systems, the MIT Logo Lab and the Architecture Machine Group. Once upon a time I studied architecture at MIT, where I became fascinated with how design works, and how computational tools could support designing.  I still am.

I’ve worked on many different things: intelligent computer aided design, virtual environments and design simulation, modular robotics and computationally enhanced construction kits and craft, tangible interaction design, sketch and diagram recognition, digital fabrication and more.

I’ve given talks on various topics; here is one from the ATLAS Institute Speaker Series in February 2012, titled “Design, Making & Creativity”

contact: mdgross{at} colorado.edu

Mark D Gross CV and biosketches