Window Seat

Collaborators: Yeonjoo Oh, Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Window Seat uses the rock and swivel of a chair as an interface for a pan and tilt camera. The prototype uses a rocking chair to control the up/down tilt and pressure sensors control the left/right pan. With a camera mounted inside an architectural model, the prototype uses a projector mounted inside the chair and a mirror to display the camera’s current viewpoint on the wall in front of the chair. Thereby the occupant can visually occupy a scale model. In future versions the camera could be located in a geographically remote location, or be a viewpoint into either a nano-space under a microscope or a virtual environment.

2003 Window Seat (poster), YeonJoo Oh, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, et al., Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures 2003, Tainan, Taiwan [pdf]