Virtual Archaeology at Ceren

(1998) Collaborators: Jen Lewin, Payson Sheets, Mark Ehrhardt


In the Ceren virtual archaeology* project we reconstructed structures and artifacts at the Joya de Ceren excavation site in El Salvador. First we modeled the structures of this agricultural village and then rendered them onto panoramic images for Web viewing. We linked hot spots on artifacts in the panoramas to a database of field specimens. We made the digital reconstructions available for interactive walkthroughs over the Web as a resource for teaching and learning in a college cultural anthropology course. The result was an interactive Web-based visual environment for studying the Ceren site.

In constructing the model we discovered various ambiguities and inconsistencies in the raw site data and drawings we were provided. We resolved these problems by analysis and reinterpretation of the data, working closely with our archaeologist collaborator. What began as a simple exercise in rendering developed into a collaborative research effort to understand and interpret the source data. Modeling forced us to re-examine, analyze and interpret the information from the site.

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