Teletables – bilocative interaction

Collaborators: Yeonjoo Oh, Ken Camarata, Michael Weller, Ellen Yi-Luen Do

People can use computationally-enhanced furniture to interact with distant friends without cumbersome menus or widgets. We describe computing embedded in a pair of tables and a chair that enables people to experience remote events in two ways: The TeleTables are ambient tabletop displays that connect two places by projecting shadows cast on one surface to the other. The Window Seat rocking chair through its motion controls a remote camera tied to a live video feed. Both explore using the physical space of a room and its furniture to create “bilocative” interfaces.



2008 Teletables and Window Seat: bilocative furniture-based interfaces, Oh, Y., Camarata, K., Weller, M., Gross, M., Do, Y-L. in TYL Theng and H. Duh, Ubiquitous Computing: Design, Implementation and Usability, Idea Group Publishers. [pdf]