roBlocks / Cubelets

Collaborator: Eric Schweikardt

roblocks roblocks-pic roblock_robot3_400

roBlocks (now Cubelets) is a computational construction kit that encourages users to experiment and play with a collection of sensor, logic and actuator blocks, exposing them to a variety of advanced concepts including kinematics, feedback and distributed control. This modular robot building set embodies a parallel distributed computing model. Unlike central-brain, top-down command-and-control models that conventional robotics construction kits employ, a parallel distributed computing model accounts for emergent phenomena in the world. A progressively multimodal interface presents novice users with a simple tangible set of robot building blocks, and advanced users are provided with software tools to analyze and rewrite the programs embedded in each block.

Users tend to begin exploring the system through a series of simple robot patterns but quickly progress to more involved constructions. Many years before they learn formally about hierarchy and modularity, children can develop intuitions about these concepts by designing modular robots. Additionally, young users often spontaneously engage in creative debugging practices.


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