Junk Mail to Spam Converter

Collaborators: Michael Weller, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Jim Nicholls

junk_to_spam_feed junk_to_spam_inbox junk_to_spam_shredded

a sheet metal kerberos at the digital gates.
you feed it your junk mail and it emails a picture of it to you before shredding it.
a handy board listens for a breakbeam in front of the shredder to be broken
when the beam is broken, the handy board sends a signal to an apple script on the computer to snap a picture with a webcam and email it to your account.
after pausing to allow the apple script to run, the handy board turns on the shredder.
the handyboard then listens for the letter to clear the breakbeam, and when it does the handyboard pauses to allow the letter to fully clear the shredder and then turns the shredder off.

2004 Junk Mail to Spam Converter (poster), Michael Weller, Ellen-Yi-Luen Do, Jim Nicholls, Mark D. Gross, Fifth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, Seattle WA, ACM: 229-230. [pdf]