Immersive Redliner

Collaborators: Thomas Jung, Ellen Yi-Luen Do


1999 The Web now enables people in different places to view three-dimensional models of buildings and places in a collaborative design discussion. Already design firms with offices around the world are exploiting this capability. In a typical application, design drawings and models are posted by one party for review by others, and a dialogue is carried out either synchronously using on line streamed video and audio, or asynchronously using email, chat room, and bulletin board software. However, most of these systems do not allow designers to embed annotations and proposed design changes in the three-dimensional design model under discussion. Immersive Redliner provides these capabilities in a Web based application.


1999 Immersive Redlining and Annotation of 3D Design Models on the Web, T. Jung, E. Do, and M.D. Gross, Proceedings of Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures ’99, G. Augenbroe and C. Eastman, eds., Kluwer, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, pp. 81-98. [pdf]