Collaborators: Doo Young Kwon, Ellen Yi-Luen Do

ArchiDNA demonstrates the use of rules to specify a design style, demonstrated in a set of rules to follow Peter Eisenman’s style in Biocentrum building plan in Frankfurt, Germany. Analyzing Eisenman’s 2D and 3D drawings, we implemented a shape generative process in which one shape remains fixed while a second shape is attached to its edges. ArchiDNA supports designers in defining rules and generating configurations. Designers can enter and edit their own shapes for applier-shapes and base-shapes and also change the combination of primitive shape operations (translation, rotation, scale, and repetition) that make up the process of applying one shape to another. Thus, designers can define rules and explore their consequences, using ArchiDNA to generate shape configurations that are consistent with a given set of rules of style.

project page:

2009 ArchiDNA: An Interactive System for Creating 2D and 3D Conceptual Drawings in Architectural Design, Kwon, Doo Young, M.D. Gross, and Do, E Y-L. J. Computer Aided Design 41(3):159-172 (March 2009)